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Staci Layne Wilson - Webmaster

I'm the director of genre features:
Cabaret of the Dead / The Second Age of Aquarius / Dead Slate

And the author of horror books:
The Tragedy Man / City of Devils / Dark Duet

I'm known for my work in the genre, having been the producer and host of the talk shows Inside Horror, Dread Central Live, and This Week In Horror.  I have written for Fangoria, Horror.com, and The SyFy Channel. I have appeared on Bravo, Reelz, AMC, M-TV and CNN as an expert in horror.

A Note About the Site:
There are many wonderful women working in horror photography, art and design, special effects makeup, as webmasters, and more - but I've chosen to keep this site manageable and therefore am limiting the spotlight to the core storytellers. 


Contributing Writers

Ali Chappell is a Toronto based actor and model. When she's not in front of the camera, she can be found doing crafts, watching movies or baking up a storm. She's a fan of horror movies, rom-coms and country music. 

Amy Lavigne was born and raised in Massachusetts, which helped contribute to all things spooky and horror from a young age.  After moving to Los Angeles and becoming friends with many people who write horror novels and create movies, she gained a new appreciation for the hard work and effort this form of entertainment requires. 

Audrey  Frances is a California native, freelance audio-visual observationist, and stay-at-home coffee-drinker. Sometimes she likes to make movies, always she likes to eat pizza. And her dog is pretty cute.

CK Kimball is a Los Angeles-based comedian, writer, performer and sometimes burlesque dancer. She's been published in High Times, Fangoria and "After The Fall, A Post-Apocalyptic Anthology" among others. Her favorite horror movies are Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), The Craft and Pottersville.  

Jennifer Matthies is a lifelong horror fan thanks to her dad letting her watch Trilogy of Terror at the age of 3.  She enjoys the revenge genre the most.  Jennifer lives in New Jersey with her amazing son and husband, plus dogs Oreo and Raven.

Jessica Hobbs spent the early part of her career working in technical

theater, opera, and film festivals while earning her film degree at the

University of Colorado. Her recent works include the short rock musical

My Generation and the science fiction limited series Greenhaven, both of

which are in pre-production. She is also a frequent contributor with online

publications such as Ms. In The Biz, We Do It Together, and The Wrap.


Kourtnea Hogan is a horror hound through and through, with works published in The Best Body Horror of 2017 and a short film featured in Rue Morgue. She is currently in pre- production on her first feature length body-horror film. You can find her in the mountains of Pennsylvania, definitely not doing witchcraft.


Krystal Imari Velez lives in the Sunshine State of Florida. She’s an avid book reader, writer, and film watcher. She’s a gothic horror and fantasy enthusiast with a gypsy soul.

Reyna Young resides in San Francisco with her husband John Gillette and son Logan. Together they both run Last Doorway Productions, an independent film company. She is also known as TV Horror Hostess Miss Misery of Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre, an award winning-director, actress and is the author of the books Dislocated Thoughts and her Monsters book series.